Our experience serving the glass industry is vast. That’s because it was one of the first and largest industries we worked in. From the 1980s up to today we have completed a wide range of projects and jobs in the glass industry.

Auto Glass Plants

  • Extracting glass production/cutting/production equipment from Chrysler plants in Detroit, tearing them out, refurbishing them, and reinstalling them at PPG and other glass plants
  • Tempering lines for windshields
  • Glass cutting equipment lines installations
  • Windshield equipment line installations (precision equipment)
  • Pits, ovens, furnaces, washers
  • Glass grinder installations
  • Installation and calibration of equipment
  • Plant shutdowns
  • Retrofit/rebuilt and reinstall of equipment
  • Set robots
  • Set glass cutting/loading equipment
  • Leer refurbishment
  • Glass stackers
  • Container plants
  • Retrofitting and upgrading lines
  • Furnace work
  • Glass forming machine (for bottle manufacturing)
  • Plant maintenance
  • Conveyor installations
  • Glass handling equipment installations
  • Cutting/squaring tables, stacking tables

Some of these jobs include:

Fiberglass/Plant Installation

  • Furnace work
  • Refractory Work
  • Forming equipment
  • Ovens
  • Conveyor work
  • Fiberglass plants
  • Equipment/piling installations
  • Filler heater installations
  • Filler tower installations

Shingle & Plate Glass Plants

  • Expansion racks and installed accumulators
  • Chop fiber plant conversions
  • Complete build outs
  • Rebuilt furnaces
  • Plant upgrades and expansions
  • Retrofitting and upgrading lines